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Photos by Linder Sterling

Billboard writes that Morrissey is considering a record deal with Warner Bros. as his former label, Attack Records “reverts to being a largely catalogue-driven label”…
I wonder how he feels about WB’s exploitation and mistreatment of animals?


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She sees the world through the eyes of a child. Not since Picasso has the art world seen such genius. The way she disregards the rules of perspective, her insistence on labeling everything in the composition and adding prose alongside the visuals, the haphazard use of negative space…’Tis true talent to render her traumatic experience with such innocence and naivité.

Below are some of her lesser-known masterpieces:




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I must be the only one who is frightened by jessica biel’s nose-lip combo and extreme bone structure. From 3/4 view she’s pretty, but in those straight-on views she looks like a pile of rocks with a wig on it, even in soft-focus.



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A truck driver was killed yesterday on the 400 highway after swerving to avoid two dinky cars that were racing too close. The trucker headed toward the medium and oncoming cars, so he swerved back to the right, and fatally landed in the ditch. The boys who were racing are 20 yrs old, 6 years younger than the number of years truck driver (a father of three) had been trucking. Not all truckers are ‘heroes’, nor do they always drive safe either…

I’ve been on a trip in a truck myself. I’ve seen women painting their toenails while driving, men reading books that they’ve propped up onto the steering wheels, parents driving while looking into the back seat to yell at their kids or in-laws, women flashing truckers, and most of all, nearly everyone fidgeting with their cell phones. If I never believed in Darwinism, I do now. But it’s not right for innocent people to die. So those of you who can’t make time to pull over and do your thing, or have been told multi-tasking is good for society, please take your absent-mindedness and drive off a cliff with it!

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Jude n Judy

 I used to have a big crush on Jude Law, but his dalliances with bubble-heads like Sienna Miller crushed any butterflies that dared to dance in my stomach when Jude was on the screen.  Not sure whether this chick’s a bubble-head too, but she’s ‘out there’ enough to bring back some of the mysterious hotness Jude lost from being addicted to Barbie-blondes.  Reminds me of the wonder and amazement I felt when I saw Anthony Kiedis’ girlfriend: pretty but unprocessed, “funky” without hollywood-trendy.  My mind still conjures Pamela “Hep-Cat” Anderson and Heather Locklear when I think of Rockstar girlfriends.  I know.  I’m stuck in 1993.


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GADS! I’m teleported back to that time in grad school when I sat, silently biting my fist, as my professor praised a student for her ‘brilliant’ idea of writing an essay on the ‘genius’ of the rhizomatic structure of Radiohead’s website.  And people wonder why red wine is my friend and confidante…

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Um…this reminds me of…


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Australian premier of Michael Bay’s atrocity and affront to my childhood memories

“Their war. Our world”????? Oh this movie’s gonna suck hard. The look of melancholy and emptiness in that Transformer’s eyes says it all.

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WTF? of the Day

Is this what happens when you touch Paris Hilton?

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So there wasn’t a huge response to my post “Good Ol’ Fashioned ‘Beauty-Off’, but the clicker counts on my blog stats page show that Hallstrom is definitely getting more click, while Madison’s prolly only getting old dick. Congrats Holly H. You light up my life.




Pics from THIS fansite.

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Dagon by Jeff Remmer

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Stick Figure.


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Been googling Non-Lethal Weaponry and there are extensive lists. Most notable, apart from the Gay Bomb, are Acoustitcs weapons that emit nauseating frequencies that make the opponent’s head want to explode, and lasers that produce a burning sensation on the skin without actually burning the skin…But this one’s my absolute favourite from a list I found HERE:

Biotechnical, Pheromones. The chemical substances released by animals to influence physiology or behavior of other members of the same species. One use of pheromones, at the most elemental level, could be to mark target individuals and then release bees to attack them. This would result in forcing them to exit an area or abandon resistance [195].

It makes me think of this Eddie Izzard sketch:

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Kathy Lee Gifford: Patron Saint of Labouring Children

Don’t be fooled by Ronald McDonald House, WalMart Children’s Charities or other corporate children’s charities…it’s a front. Today is a reminder that our comfortable lifestyles come at the expense others’ childhoods. Here are some of the most popular offenders you might try and avoid…

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Gay Bomb?

This is old news, but news to me.

CBS Headline: Pentagon Confirms It Sought To Build A ‘Gay Bomb’
(CBS 5) BERKELEY A Berkeley watchdog organization that tracks military spending said it uncovered a strange U.S. military proposal to create a hormone bomb that could purportedly turn enemy soldiers into homosexuals and make them more interested in sex than fighting.

Gay community leaders in California said Friday that they found the notion of a “gay bomb” both offensive and almost laughable at the same time.


“Throughout history we have had so many brave men and women who are gay and lesbian serving the military with distinction,” said Geoff Kors of Equality California. “So, it’s just offensive that they think by turning people gay that the other military would be incapable of doing their job. And its absurd because there’s so much medical data that shows that sexual orientation is immutable and cannot be changed.”

Read the rest HERE!

I’m not so sure Geoff Kors is right about sexual orientation being immutable…I think it’s as fluid as the bowels of a vegan. Otherwise, why would hetero men be so squeamish at seeing homo-sexual affection or gay porn? Just like towel-snapping, trigger-pulling and football, it gives their willies a tingle they’d only dream of indulging.

So, was the motion inspired by R.E.M.’s release of their single “Sex Bomb” in 1994 (same year the gay bomb idea was drafted)???

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m carey


cowardly lion


Mariah Scarey

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One of my favourite Toronto artists, Kerry Wright Zentner, is the featured “Artist of the Week” at MONDOmagazine.net. Read the interview here. For now, I leave you with a selection of creature masterpieces by the artist himself. Congratulations, Kerry!


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This is all gossip and rumours, and I swore I’d never contribute to the Paris publicity machine, but I can’t help myself today. It’s the heat. So here’s a little sump’n to make those grey skies cheer up. The indifference in the cop’s eyes (passenger seat) is what really makes it.

Let it be known that I think Paris Hilton looks like the Chicken Lady from Kids in the Hall.

Oh, and Nicole Richie looks like a busted Kevin McDonald. Damn! Kevin McDonald should have played her roles in the Simple Life when the two brats were feuding. No offense meant to Kevin McDonald.

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I’m a little bit Winston and a little bit O’Brien.

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Retro is always in. But in the past year, it’s been in in a very particular way. Doo-wop and 50s girls style defines musicians like Amy Winehouse (signature beehive) and the Pipettes (another female-fronted band); Christina Aguilera goes further, evoking the Company B style of the WWII era. I can’t help but feel, however, that in this era of Googlism, and complete lack of historical contexts off which to play, the irony of retro is now lost. Just because Winehouse says ‘fuck’ in her best Nina Simone impersonation, or just because the Pipettes look like they’re sassy chicks who say the other ‘f’ word (feminism), doesn’t make the parody subversive (not that they’re necessarily setting out to do so). In fact, I feel like this fake nostalgia we all have for poodle skirts and red lipstick is part of a seething, bubbling fascism that is a ‘no-no’ to discuss in the enlightened West… Thus I present my De-Evolution of Retro Style: A Descent into Fascism, Racism and Mysogyny, Again.

So the following are lyrics from Doris Day, Amy Winehouse and The Pipettes. They all confirm that notion that “boys will be boys” and, well…can’t live with them, can’t live without them…tee hee!

Read the lyrics to “A Guy is a Guy” by Doris Day (1951)

I walked down the street like a good girl should
He followed me down the street like I knew he would
Because a guy is a guy wherever he may be
So listen and I’ll tell you what this fella did to me

I walked to my house like a good girl should
He followed me to my house like I knew he would
Because a guy is a guy wherever he may be
So listen while I tell you what this fella did to me

I never saw the boy before
So nothin’ could be sillier
At closer range his face was strange
But his manner was familiar

So I walked up the stairs like a good girl should
He followed me up the stairs like I knew he would
Because a guy is a guy wherever he may be

So listen and I’ll tell you what this fella did to me

I stepped to my door like a good girl should
He stopped at my door like I knew he would
Because a guy is a guy wherever he may be
So listen while I tell you what this fella did to me

He asked me for a good-night kiss
I said, “It’s still good day”
I would have told him more except
His lips got in the way

So I talked to my ma like a good girl should
And Ma talked to Pa like I knew she would
And they all agreed on a married life for me
The guy is my guy wherever he may be

So I walked down the aisle like a good girl should
He followed me down the aisle like I knew he would
Because a guy is a guy wherever he may be
And now you’ve heard the story of what someone did to me

And that’s what he did to me

Amy Winehouse’s

“What It Is About Men”

Understand once he was a family man
so surely I would never, ever go through it first hand
Emulate all the shit my mother hated
I can’t help but demostrate my Freudian fate
My alibi for taking your guy
history repeats itself, it fails to die
and animal agression is my downfall
I don’t care ’bout what you got I wanted all

It’s bricked up in my head, it’s shoved under my bed
and I question myself again: what is it ’bout men?
My destructive side has grown a mile wide
and I question myself again: what is it ’bout men?

I’m nurturing, I just wanna do my thing
and I’ll take the wrong man as naturally as I sing

and I’ll save my tears for uncovering my fears
for behavioural patters that stick over the years

It’s bricked up in my head, it’s shoved under my bed
and I question myself again: what is it ’bout men?
My destructive side has grown a mile wide
and I question myself again: what is it ’bout men?

Feminist Complaints, The Pipettes

Broke my heart, what a shame
Played the field, but all game
Your hands lingered for too long
Teasing touch was very strong

That night you left with her in tow
Contributing to my feminist woes

Feminist woe, feminist woe
For feminist cunts, feminist cunts, feminist cunts
Oh, oh, oh

Broke my heart, what a shame
Played away, but all game
That night you left with her in tow
Contributing to my feminist woes

Feminist woe, feminist woe
For feminist cunts, feminist cunts, feminist cunts
Oh, oh, oh

That night I knew that you had been untrue
So what? What? What can I do?

Broke my heart, what a shame
Played the field, but all game

He broke her heart



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I know this ad is old, but it never gets old for me. I love that women being “revolutionary” means appearing in front of a camera in plain, white underwear. Way to challenge the patriarchy. Along with this pathetic statement, is the inherent contradiction in the message: you’re perfect the way you are, so you need to buy our product to enhance that perfection. It’s not surprising then, that Dove’s “Campaign for Real Beauty” is hocking another body enhancement product: good-old self-tanner.

Just stands to reason that an ad that still relies on women hanging out in their unmentionables, plastered with fake and desperate smiles really isn’t real at all. Let me in front of the Dove cameraman after a long, razorless winter. I’ll end this society’s superficial obsession with ‘reality’ in a split second.

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Fashion not a Luxury?

OK. Sex and the City, Sarah Jessica Parker and the entire cougar-quotient of middle-aged straight women who feel they’ve ‘paid their dues’ (what, living?) and ‘deserve it’, whatever ‘it’ means, make me want to swallow an e-Coli-infested mace. Their unabashed and frivolous consumption of useless products IS NOT SOPHISTICATION, people! Anyway, Pony Parker proves she is a ditz through and through with the slogan for her new, ugly, useless line, Bitten: Fashion is not a luxury.
Wow. What a statement. Really makes me think…

Here’s SJP for The GAP:


Here’s the original without the photoshopping:


And here she is on an evening out with her friends:

night out

So, are the clothes made of apples and carrots and do they have teef marks in ‘em?

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I miss the modern era.

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In honour of 70s porn and game shows stuck in the 70s, I bring to the table a question of great importance. Who’s hotter: Holly Hallstrom, classic Barker Beauty, or Holly Madison, Hef’s main lady? Personally, Madison will never hold a candle to Hallstrom. Holly Hallstrom is pure glamour, sex, money, blow, glitz, chintz, enchantment-American-style.

holly m


holly h

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bobngirlsBob Barker’s stint as host for the daytime, gameshow version of the Playboy Mansion is over. 35 years of desperate female (and sometimes male) contestants trying to make out with him, fellate his microphone, get the numbers of his Beauties and rub themselves with cash or tacky furniture inspired me, turned me on to the world of 70s porn-palaces without once explicitly referencing them. You know what the set was used for after the sun went down, don’t you?



What do you think Barker’s done with that mic?

boom mic

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Pop art meets delicious sweets. Here are just a few samples from the most talented pastry chef in Canada. Not an overstatement!


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Just devoured Bret Easton Ellis’ latest novel, Lunar Park. I am a huge fan of Ellis’ stories and post-postmodern writing style. His ability to write a character who is so believably arrogant AND self-effacing at the same time is awe-some along with the fact that he can weave in so much pop-culture without making it read as desperate or a cover-up for poor writing skills (such as mine).

I highly recommend new Ellis fans read his work chronologically. While Lunar park can stand alone as a novel, you will appreciate it more after having read at least Less Than Zero and American Psycho.

Below are some cool Russian covers of Bret Easton Ellis novels. So pulpy!

glamoramaamerican psychotic

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Oil of Olay’s marketing team must really fly on the notion that we women will fall for just about anything. They’ve extended their anti-aging product line to include products for limbs now? I’d like to give their CEO a Q-10 rich colonic.
There’s that vomit-inducing, slap-silly smile again.

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Eli Roth for Equus
Peeing must be a bitch.

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