Can we blame Cindy McCain for having a little drug problem? Geez, I wish I could turn around a bad job interview McCain-style: “Uh, so, I couldn’t agree with you with him to disagree with him that you, and uh, the customer service to agree that we disagree that your qualifications store is the greatest! and I love your tie! *hire me*!”

Ryan and Borg

Ryan and Borg

Toronto band Radius and Helena released their album, ‘Precious Metals’ with a sold-out show at Massey Hall’s Centuries Lounge. The night was made special with a unique lineup of supporting acts, starting with arpeggio dungeon master, Discordant Euphony. Following that brutally awesome set, hip-hop’s cleverest, Wordburglar treated the crowd to his fantastic freestylin’ superhero sound, and Uncut delivered a high-energy set that sent the contents of the liquor cabinet chattering in their place. Radius and Helena took to the stage close to midnight and greeted the crowd with gold battle paint and dress shoes. Their set was like a whirlwind gravitron (without the ensuing motion sickness!), holding you up against the wall, and only letting you slide down every now and then just to remind you who’s in charge. The creepy, black magic groove of City of Fingers was made bad ass when Wordburglar jumped in to freestyle over the break, and at that point, I wondered how long it will be before this band is playing the Hall proper. I didn’t think this band could top their BSG promo vid, but it turns out, they did.

CAUTION! SPOILER ALERT! This BSG tribute is so grand, it may be worthy of its own show…

Cindy McCain’s look is such a desperate harkening to some white, “safe” nostalgic past. To me, it triggers images of stagnation, decay, and ultimately, horror. But as John McCain’s personal crypt-keeper, I must say, she looks fabulous.

I’m posting this a little late but nonetheless, here is the latest promo video for my favourite band, Radius & Helena. Love that old-time piano tunes and those vintage disappearing acts! Hope you all enjoy and if you’re in the big smoke do come out and catch one of the remaining weekly sets at the Velvet Underground. RAH are, in the words of Tony the Tiger, grrrrrreat!

First of all, I am a lazy blogger and I apologize. I won’t always take the time to find the right pictures to match up with what I’m trying to explain in my posts and i don’t know how to do my own screen caps (do you need digital tv for this? that’s how clueless i am…). This post is case in point. But if you do happen to waste your hour watching this “cycle” of ANTM, you will understand the connection I am making between Lauren and Martha Plimpton.


plimpton in suburbia

There is something about Anya that leaves me unsettled for those few seconds after the ANTM producers give her screen time it’s not her bizarre Hawaiian accent (I’ve never heard anyone from Hawaii speak like that) or her overall aloofness…it’s just a creepy feeling I get when she’s posing hard and really into her ‘work.’ And then I realised: she’s a toned-down modern day Edgar Winter.

Edgar Anya Winter


Screen-cap via fourfour