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Photos by Linder Sterling

Billboard writes that Morrissey is considering a record deal with Warner Bros. as his former label, Attack Records “reverts to being a largely catalogue-driven label”…
I wonder how he feels about WB’s exploitation and mistreatment of animals?



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She sees the world through the eyes of a child. Not since Picasso has the art world seen such genius. The way she disregards the rules of perspective, her insistence on labeling everything in the composition and adding prose alongside the visuals, the haphazard use of negative space…’Tis true talent to render her traumatic experience with such innocence and naivité.

Below are some of her lesser-known masterpieces:




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I must be the only one who is frightened by jessica biel’s nose-lip combo and extreme bone structure. From 3/4 view she’s pretty, but in those straight-on views she looks like a pile of rocks with a wig on it, even in soft-focus.



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A truck driver was killed yesterday on the 400 highway after swerving to avoid two dinky cars that were racing too close. The trucker headed toward the medium and oncoming cars, so he swerved back to the right, and fatally landed in the ditch. The boys who were racing are 20 yrs old, 6 years younger than the number of years truck driver (a father of three) had been trucking. Not all truckers are ‘heroes’, nor do they always drive safe either…

I’ve been on a trip in a truck myself. I’ve seen women painting their toenails while driving, men reading books that they’ve propped up onto the steering wheels, parents driving while looking into the back seat to yell at their kids or in-laws, women flashing truckers, and most of all, nearly everyone fidgeting with their cell phones. If I never believed in Darwinism, I do now. But it’s not right for innocent people to die. So those of you who can’t make time to pull over and do your thing, or have been told multi-tasking is good for society, please take your absent-mindedness and drive off a cliff with it!

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Jude n Judy

 I used to have a big crush on Jude Law, but his dalliances with bubble-heads like Sienna Miller crushed any butterflies that dared to dance in my stomach when Jude was on the screen.  Not sure whether this chick’s a bubble-head too, but she’s ‘out there’ enough to bring back some of the mysterious hotness Jude lost from being addicted to Barbie-blondes.  Reminds me of the wonder and amazement I felt when I saw Anthony Kiedis’ girlfriend: pretty but unprocessed, “funky” without hollywood-trendy.  My mind still conjures Pamela “Hep-Cat” Anderson and Heather Locklear when I think of Rockstar girlfriends.  I know.  I’m stuck in 1993.


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GADS! I’m teleported back to that time in grad school when I sat, silently biting my fist, as my professor praised a student for her ‘brilliant’ idea of writing an essay on the ‘genius’ of the rhizomatic structure of Radiohead’s website.  And people wonder why red wine is my friend and confidante…

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Um…this reminds me of…


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