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So when I’m not procrastinating I sometimes help with the visual arts side of the band, Radius and Helena. Here’s a picture I took from some of our artsy-er shoots:


But our piece de résistance is this promo vid:

which is, of course, a shot-for-shot remake of Space 1999, episode 1. Oops, I’ve now revealed myself as a geek.


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And to celebrate, I’m posting pics and a vid of America’s favourite feel-good kitty, Winston, by way of FourFour.

He’s the one who broke the news about Aquafina being tap water:

This one’s worth the sneeze at 00:32.

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Mystery of WTF-Fingers Solved?

Remember these wtf-fingers?

I had harboured a guess that the condition was caused by touching Paris Hilton. Well, apparently creatures in Lake Ontario have been touching Paris Hilton too! Nothing is safe!


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So at a concert in Norfolk, VA, Morrissey made a few on-stage pronouncements about Madge’s timely shift in public persona as ‘eco-friendly’:

According to 24Sizzler.com’s spy, the eco-friendly rocker told concert-goers about fur-loving Madonna, “I wouldn’t be surprised if she [Madonna] made that African boy into a coat and wore him … for 15 minutes, and then threw it away.”

And these sorts of pronouncements are why I love Morrissey and feel safe and at peace that he is somewhere, just doing things in this world! But wait…then he had to follow it up with advocacy for an organization I find absolutely, frustratingly hypocritical: PeTA:

Morrissey balanced his unkind words for Madonna, with kind words for PETA, which he supports: “You haven’t even heard what I’m gratified about yet,” said the singer, reports the 24Sizzler.com spy. ”I’m very gratified to be so close to the international headquarters of the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.”

As a feminist (does that ‘f’ word still make people cringe? Fox News really did a good job of demonizing it in the late 80s/early 90s, didn’t they?) and an animal lover, I find myself cringing at the thought of supporting an organization that uses porn-star iconography, Hep-Cat Pam-Am, and stereotypes of ditzy blonde women for they’re ad campaigns. I’m also a little uncomfortable with the Ilsa-esque Aryan nature of their ‘spokes’ models…especially in the context of their downplaying the horrors of the holocaust and fascism by equating the slaughter of pigs with this historical tragedy. I’m all for a philosophical anti-humanism, but trading one kind of exploitation for another is still working within the lowest common denominators. And please don’t tell me the bleach that Pammy uses in her hair and the goo in her breasts have not come at the expense of animal rights or have not inspired a nasty strain of eco-trashing fem-bots chanting “das blonde ist besser”






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A man was struck by lightning as he was jogging and listening to religious music on his iPod. The electric current melted the iPod, traveled down through his pants and blew up one of his sneakers. Last year, a teen who was mowing the lawn while listening to Metallica faced a similar fate as lightning melted the earphones of his iPod, sizzled the iPod itself and caused the dude to vomit and bleed through his ears. Methinks Thor hath made his point with golfers and has moved on to openly judging people’s crappy playlists..Maybe iPods, like golf clubs, are merely the medium, not the message…





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Try not to get hypnotized!

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This news is old but forgotten. I keep seeing ads for Bernstein’s diet clinics on TV and wonder what special forces it took to acquit him of attempted murder charges when all of the jewellry and Rolex watches were stashed in his home… I also wonder what kind of powerhouse lawyer he employed to get the Toronto Star to eventually take Bernstein’s name out of subsequent stories on the murder plot that you can read below…could it have been Edward Greenspan? How could he afford him? And what is up with the kidnapping of him and his wife where they were found stuffed in the trunk of a Mercedes-Benz several years later? I found these articles in the Star’s online archives. Googling Bernstein’s name gets you nothing more than “”Criminal Background checks”, so in all its glory, I’m posting some of the weird and criminal history behind Toronto’s very own Doctor Death. Enjoy the headline timeline (Only main articles published in full).

Toronto doctor charged in contract murder plot:[FIN Edition]
John Duncanson Toronto Star. Toronto Star Toronto, Ont.:Jul 21, 1992. p. A1


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