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Dagon by Jeff Remmer

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I’m a little bit Winston and a little bit O’Brien.

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Just devoured Bret Easton Ellis’ latest novel, Lunar Park. I am a huge fan of Ellis’ stories and post-postmodern writing style. His ability to write a character who is so believably arrogant AND self-effacing at the same time is awe-some along with the fact that he can weave in so much pop-culture without making it read as desperate or a cover-up for poor writing skills (such as mine).

I highly recommend new Ellis fans read his work chronologically. While Lunar park can stand alone as a novel, you will appreciate it more after having read at least Less Than Zero and American Psycho.

Below are some cool Russian covers of Bret Easton Ellis novels. So pulpy!

glamoramaamerican psychotic

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